What clients say: 
RS, consultant :                                                                 “Giovanna simply asked me to tell my stories, then she was able to put the stories in order with their themes and mirrored how they have created an impact on who I am today. I felt affirmed and a new kind of energy came about, making me more courageous to believe in myself, and in life itself.”    
JB, jewellery maker :                                                       “At a transitional stage in my life, Giovanna helped me to see more clearly where I was and where I needed to go. Most helpful was her commitment to the Biographical approach and a clear sighted and supportive attitude. I really felt heard by her.”                
SL, businesswoman:                                                    “My counselling gave me a space to explore not only my emotional side, but worked through the whole journey of my life, including my spiritual self in a very receptive way, giving me positive support to carry on my life.”
MQ, university student :                                                   "Giovanna's ability to identify recurring themes in my childhood and connect these to the events and experiences I have faced has gained me a more conscious and deeper understanding of my life. She has helped me to find a freer relationship to my past, expanded my awareness of the present and in turn, I have developed a more responsible and optimistic outlook on facing my future."         
GC, writer :                                                                  Giovanna came into my life when I was at the end of a journey and had yet to step into a new beginning. I was looking for someone to help me deal with complexity and uncertainty and unravel my walk in life. I recommend Giovanna to anyone on a quest; she will help you find the trust and warmth you need to proceed on your path."


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